Business code of conduct

When the audit company MAK Azerbaijan entered the national market for audit and consultancy services, it was confident that it would be successful.  Indeed, since the earliest days of its operation, MAK Azerbaijan has worked strenuously to achieve the goals and meet the high standards it set for itself.  This hard work clearly paid off when MAK Azerbaijan became the first Azeri audit company to be recognized internationally.  Today, MAK Azerbaijan is one of the six international audit and consultancy organizations operating in Azerbaijan and cooperates closely with many well-known foreign and national companies.

Our company owes its success to the joint efforts of  MAK Azerbaijan’s experienced

Employees and experts. Through their loyal adherence to the company’s ethnical values, our employees maintain the highest standards of professionalism.
MAK Azerbaijan’s continued success depends to a significant extent on its independent, objective, fair-minded approach to providing audit and consultancy services. For this reason, the company has always demanded strict adherence by our employees to the highest ethical and professional. 

MAK Azerbaijan’s Code of Conduct reflects ethical values and standards that our employees share.  The Code outlined below defines the standards of behavior expected of our employees in their relations with colleagues, customers and partners.
I appeal to all company employees to familiarize themselves with the contents of this Code of Conduct and, governed by the spirit and substance of its articles, to contribute to the development of our organization.

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